About Us

Mission Statement:

UMSL eduCATE is an academic organization intent on enriching future and current educators by creating a space for a strong community of students in the College of Education. We intend to engage in respectful discourse over important subjects and current events in the spheres of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education. Current and former members of our community will lead as classroom teachers, administrators, and researchers, or any other education role. Their time as part of our organization will have an impact on how they approach their future positions.

Meet Our 2021/2022 Officers!

Emily Eden - President

Emily is currently studying at UMSL to become a certified math instructor for grades 5 - 12. She is a substitute teacher and preschool aide for All Saints Catholic School in Saint Peters, and tutors math students from Elementary through Calculus I. Emily researches best practices for incorporating Social-Emotional Learning into a mathematics curriculum, with the goal of reducing math anxiety becoming the main focus of her future classrooms. Her philosophy rests heavily on Growth Mindset, developed and refined by Drs. Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler. When she's not focused on school, Emily has a variety of hobbies, including crochet, composing music, and wildlife photography.

Destiny Hannick - Vice President

Destiny is currently studying at UMSL to become an Early Childhood Educator and wishes to teach Kindergarten or 1st grade - but will be happy with any. Destiny enjoys teaching young minds and cannot wait to be in her own classroom. When she is not busy with school, Destiny can usually be found reading under a fuzzy blanket with her pup and kitties or spending time with her loved ones. She is typically very energetic because Destiny runs on little sleep and coffee.

Position Empty - Treasurer

If you are interested in being part of UMSL eduCATE as an Executive Board Member, please email the team at umsleducate@gmail.com.

Reagan Elkhashab - Secretary

Reagan is currently studying at UMSL for her degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Studies. She also plans to certify in Middle School education and Early Childhood education. She hopes to teach high school World History or kindergarten - two very different ends of the educational spectrum. Reagan is a substitute teacher at Windsor School District, where she works with students of all ages. Her hobbies include reading, working out, and cooking. Her goal as an educator is to establish strong relationships and make positive differences in her students’ lives.

Lauren Baker - Public Relations

Lauren is currently enrolled at UMSL in the College of Education, studying Educational Studies with an emphasis in Park and Museums Programs. With this degree, she is aiming to become an educational interpreter. Her goal as an interpreter is to create meaningful intellectual and emotional connections between the interests of individuals and meanings inherent to the natural environment around them. Lauren has implemented this goal working as an interpreter for Missouri State Parks, and has expanded to educating for the Saint Louis Zoo. In her personal time, Lauren enjoys kayaking, camping, drinking coffee, and hiking with her partner, Austin, and their two dogs, Nikki and India.